The biggest problem for young people today is that most grew up in homes where they apparently had everything and they expected to continued that lifestyle into their adult lives.

Robert, Yahoo Finance


I feel so heart broken.
They didnt believe in me.
Know I’m realised.
Who am i.
It’s okay.
I wont seek for any approval anymore.
If I said I didnt hide anything and they didnt believe, who am I to push them.
I will just smile and smile.


Bila aku jadi ibu, aku nak jadi ibu yang percaya dengan anaknya.
Bukan percaya membabi buta.
Percaya anak aku boleh walaupun semua orang tak percaya.
Percaya anak aku takkan buat sesuatu tak bersebab.
I wanna trust them.
I will try to ask them the reasons before ambush them.
Aku nak jadi ibu yang anak2 share rahsia diorang.
Ibu yang anak2 ask for opinion.
Ibu yang anak2 sentiasa fikir before do something.
Ibu yang anak2 kembali whenever and wherever.
I believe, a mother should trust their children.
Kalau ibu yang mengandungkan dan melahirkan mereka pun tak percaya dengan mereka, siapa lagi yang nak percaya?
InsyaAllah, I wanna be that mother.

Thank you Ya Allah

So many things happened.
Good and bad things.
I believe everything happened for reasons.
Mesti ada hikmah. Wajib ada hikmah.
Allah SWT kan sayang semua hambanya.
I hold this words tightly, “ALLAH SWT sayang aku. Mesti dia tahu what I am capable of and sebab tue I am chosen”. :D
Haa. Kan senang kepala. Takde lah sakit kepala pikir nak blame siapa kannnn.
Alhamdulillah. Dah 4 days melepak kat rumah. Study leave dah start.
1 tahun ada 48 weeks. I got 3 weeks per year to do what I want.
Yes, 3 weeks :)
I have been thinking bout my future. What I wanna be in 5 years. Yes, I have decided because I wanna plan my life.
Kita merancang, Allah SWT yang decide. So, aku rancang lah :)

In 5 years, I might be:
1. External auditor (current job nie hoi)
2. Internal auditor
3. Senior manager
4. Businesswoman
5. Housewife

Yang no. 5 tue macam tak logic tapi ak okay aje. Huahuahua.
Marilah kita berdoa dan berusaha. InsyaAllah.


Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee:

Pleasing everyone is an impossible aim. Rather focus on what will benefit you and stick to it.

[Madaarij v. 2 p. 223]

  • Doctor:

    Okay, so what's wrong, how are you feeling?

  • Me:

    *Looks at mom waiting for her to explain*

  • More?







My life is moving too fast.
I cant even pause it.
I feel like someone is controlling my life.
An invisible hand.
I’m so scared.

KL? Nayyy

Something terrible almost happened just now.
They threw d mercun towards us.
Ya Allah, thank you for protecting us.

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